PIV Processing


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Analysing programs for PIV images

  • Reference implementation:
    • AnaPIV - program (source code available) for calculating two-dimensional vector fields from PIV images. The program implements
      • iterative vector field correction (3 methods):
        • full-pixel window shift
        • window sub-pixel shift and deformation
        • image shift and deformation
      • direct correlation with local normalization
      • two-dimensional Gaussian fit
      • Whittaker image interpolation
      • interrogation area windowing
      • universal outlier detection
      • second peak validation
      • correction of particle image intensity variations
      • corrections of some bugs in the program

Experimental PIV data

  • Challenging PIV data:
    • Experimental PIV Images taken in a mixing chamber model. The experiments have been perfomred at the Chair of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, TU Darmstadt.
    • PIV data taken from a moving glass block to verify the influence of intensity variations of particle images on the RMS error of the PIV analysis.